Workers at Tesla’s German factory set up a union work committee


BERLIN-On Tuesday, a German union stated that employees of Tesla’s large new factory near Berlin will elect a labor-management committee to represent their interests.

The IG Metall union stated that seven employees have taken the first step in establishing a working committee and plan to elect an election committee on November 29.

“The work committee ensures that the interests of employees have a say and influence. This is in line with the democratic work culture in Germany,” said Birgit Dietze, head of the IG Metall district in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony. IG Metall stated that the Tesla factory near Berlin will employ 12,000 workers, but currently only employs about one-sixth of them, which means that union elections will not be held soon.

IG Metall has stated that the applicant has told it that Tesla’s CEO Elon Must is known for his unstable relationship with organized labor and that the company offers more salaries than other German cars. The collective bargaining wage provided by the manufacturer is 20% lower.

Tesla also changed traditional German contracts by offering packages that include stock options and bonuses instead of predetermined holiday pay.

Tesla did not immediately respond to phone or email requests for comment.

Earlier this year, Musk was ordered to delete a 2018 tweet that threatened that if American employees formed a union, they would lose stock options.

Musk has already expressed his anger at German laws and procedures. He stated in a letter to the authorities in April that the country’s complex planning requirements are inconsistent with the urgency required to address climate change.

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