The next-generation Ford Ranger unveiled globally


After many previews and spy photos, the next-generation Ford Ranger pickup finally unveiled. The truck is making its global debut, so the truck we will see in the United States may have some minor appearance changes, and not all engine options are available here. But in general, this is the new Ranger, and it should look basically the same.

Thanks to the above spy photos and trailers, we have seen a lot of rangers from outside. It is more square shouldered than the old model, and the front panel combines the style of Maverick and F-150. These headlights will be equipped with matrix LED lights, so some can be dimmed for oncoming traffic, although we doubt whether this feature will have some clear characteristic lines through the rear fender on the side available in the United States. These fenders also have new integrated steps for easier access to the bed, a bit like the bumper steps on general trucks and Hyundai Santa Cruz. The backsplash will also have a usable workbench, just like on the F-150.

The interior is a major upgrade to the old model. The most obvious change is the introduction of a huge vertical touch screen. It is available in two sizes, 10.1 or 12 inches. It is very well integrated in the dashboard, flanked by vertical vents with stylishly detailed slats. It seems that digital dashboards will also be available. The center console is an electronic gear shifter that replaces more mechanical devices on the outgoing Ranger.

Ford Ranger

The Full Ranger size has not been given yet, but it should be similar to the upcoming model. The wheelbase has increased by less than 2 inches, and the track has also increased by the same amount. The chassis has also undergone major modifications. Ford claims that it will also ride better because the rear shock absorbers are placed outside the frame rails.

The engine compartment has become more spacious due to the chassis update, which provides room for the newly launched 3.0-liter diesel V6, which we think is similar to the 250-horsepower unit in the F-150. A 2.0-liter diesel four-cylinder engine with single turbocharger or twin turbocharger is also available. The only gas engine announced was the familiar 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Among these engines, the gas four-cylinder engine is very suitable for the American market. There is no doubt that diesel four-cylinders will not be provided here. If it is an F-150 engine, a diesel V6 seems unlikely, but it is not impossible. It is more likely to be a turbocharged gasoline V6 like the Ford Mustang. The gearboxes provided will be a 10-speed automatic gearbox and a 6-speed manual gearbox. We will not hold our breath for the American manual, but it is not impossible, because Bronco has a manual.

To be sure, we will have to wait for the official US specifications. Hope we can get them at the same time as production and availability details. Next year, overseas rangers will start production in factories in Thailand and South Africa. The American Rangers may continue to produce at their current Michigan factory.

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