The new Acura Integra has never been a retro car


The new Acura Integra Prototype should never be a retro or nostalgic design process. It is easy to assume that it is because the information that Acura led to the big reveal relies heavily on the tradition of the Integra nameplate. From the model name stamped on the bumper to the video of replacing the old model manual gearbox, Acura violently pulls on our heartstrings.

Then the cover was unveiled last week. Although there are very subtle clues suggesting that the old Integras are everywhere, the new car doesn’t look like the old car at all. Unlike the designers of the new retro style Nissan Z and Ford Bronco, Acura decided to create something new and different.

Acura product planner Jonathan Rivers (Jonathan Rivers) said: “So, of course, when we started planning this car, we never thought about building a retro Integra.” Automatic blog“We are actually looking at it from this perspective, if Integra does not exit the lineup, how will it develop? How will it change over the years? We think this is the result.”

Acura Integra prototype

There will never be a two-door coupe model, because as Rivers pointed out to us, the coupe is not for sale now. However, sportbacks are very popular-look at the sheer number from Germany these days-it suits the customers Acura is trying to attract through Integra.

“The target customers are millennials with active lifestyles, so they need to provide space for their gear, but they also want to have a good car that drives on canyon roads from time to time,” Rivers said. “Once again, from generation to generation, Integra is like that.”

For anyone who opposes what Integra seems to be a fancy Civic, we have two rebuttals. One, this is exactly what Integra has always been. It carries the Honda badge in many other countries and is sold as Honda, and its skeleton is always based on the Civic. This is the history of Integra. Although Acura did not officially say so, it must be the same today.

In terms of design, maybe you think these photos make it look a bit too close to the new 11th generation Civic hatchback? Well, pictures on the Internet don’t always tell the complete story of car design.

“There is no sheet metal to share with the four-door or five-door Civic,” Rivers explained. “And I proved that it’s like a mix of these two body styles, because if you really have five doors [Civic Hatchback] Next to this car, it is significantly different. This is an inch or two longer than the car. Because we made the roof into such a slanted line, it gave the hatchback a five-door feel, but in fact it is a sedan, and it also has the versatility of a hatchback. “

The fact that the Integra is one or two inches longer than the sedan is also an important difference. The new Civic sedan is already 5 inches longer than the hatchback, making the overall size of the Integra more like the Civic Hatch XXL.This is not a small car, suitable for Rivers’ early Acura attempts to make today’s Integra is not a remake of the old version. Since the discontinuation of Integra, the car buyers’ taste for car size has increased significantly in the past few years, and the new Integra is trying to catch up in this regard.

We tried to see if Acura would give us some indication of when Integra’s revival efforts first took root within the company. Although we don’t have a set date, Rivers shared with us how this process works.

“The name came up during the development process because we realized that we could make a veritable car,” Rivers said. “So this is not a marketing campaign, we did not hit it at the last minute. If we have components, if we have some design clues. If we have something that is as sporty, interesting and versatile as the previous cars, it is the car. “

If you combine the elements we know now, Rivers points out that it’s hard to call anything other than Integra: 1.5-liter turbo engine, six-speed manual, limited-slip differential, hatchback body, good The controllability and affordable price. In fact, these preliminary specifications and features indicate that we will get something as a base Integra, which is better and more interesting than any previous base Integra model. The old basic Integra is not a super sports car by any means. Although you may have the self-proclaimed Type R in your mind, in 99% of the cases, “Integra” is not that kind of high-power model.

Although the new Integra is equipped with the good things that many enthusiasts crave, the response from the Internet has not been entirely positive. Acura also knows that it is difficult to please everyone.

“How do you strike a balance between comforting people who know cars, names, and traditions? But how can you comfort people who want to walk into our dealership and say,’Hey, this looks good. I like that ,’There was no contact before,” Rivers told us.

Renaming any old model that is golden in the eyes of enthusiasts is a difficult task, but we (especially your author) are very excited about the new Integra. If the Acuraized Civic Si hatchback is still not enough for you, please give it a minute, because more performance is coming. We asked Rivers about the future of the Integra S, and you will see his answer below.It can be said with certainty more On the way.

“As Jon Ikeda (Acura Brand Officer) and the other lineups have implied, this is the direction we are trying to move forward, so… when you see this car and the foundation of this car… …. This is a good performance foundation.”

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