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The US Customer Satisfaction Index report states that the overall satisfaction score of automakers will remain unchanged from 2020 to 2021. This is good news, but looking back over the past five years, customer satisfaction for new cars has not been as high as before. As early as 2017, the average score on the 100-point scale was 82; in 2021, the average score was 78.

Let’s take a look at the numbers of mainstream brands and luxury brands:

U.S. Customer Satisfaction Index: Mass Market Nameplate

  1. Honda (82)
  2. Subaru (81)
  3. Rams (80)
  4. Hyundai (79)
  5. Mazda (79)
  6. Toyota (79)
  7. Dodge (78)
  8. Ford(78)
  9. General Motors (78)
  10. Nissan (78)
  11. Buick (77)
  12. Kia (77)
  13. Volkswagen (77)
  14. Chevrolet (76)
  15. Jeep(76)
  16. Mitsubishi (71)
  17. Chrysler (70)

U.S. Customer Satisfaction Index: Luxury Nameplate

  1. BMW (81)
  2. Lexus (81)
  3. Audi (80)
  4. Tesla (80)
  5. Mercedes-Benz (78)
  6. Cadillac (77)
  7. Volvo (77)
  8. Acura (76)
  9. Lincoln (76)
  10. Infiniti (75)

Honda leads all automakers with a total score of 82 points (up 4% from last year), regardless of which market segment they participate in. Subaru, BMW (up 4%) and Lexus (down 1%) all tied for 81 points, followed by Ram (the highest score last year), Audi and Tesla with 80 points each. The lowest score was for the Chrysler brand, which dropped to 70 points (down 4%), slightly lower than Mitsubishi’s 71 points (down compared with last year, a catastrophic increase of 8%). In terms of luxury, Infiniti’s 75 points are slightly lower than Acura and Lincoln’s 76 points.

“Over the past few years, luxury car manufacturers’ satisfaction leadership with mass market manufacturers has been slowly declining. Now this gap is almost non-existent,” ACSI managing director David Van Amberg said in a statement . “Luxury cars may still have advantages in terms of style and coolness, but if you remove all the bells and whistles, the two are much similar.”

Not surprisingly, car owners who received a recall notice in 2021 reported a lower satisfaction score (76) than car owners who did not recall (80). European brands have the highest average score with 79 points, followed by Japanese and Korean brands with 78 points, and American brands with 77 points.

Breaking down the numbers further, mass-market brand owners scored the highest in the categories of safety, reliability, driving performance, appearance, comfort, and interiors, while they scored lower in the categories of warranty, fuel consumption, and technology. In terms of luxury, car owners are most satisfied with comfort, interior, safe driving performance and appearance. The category with the worst score is fuel consumption.

The ACSI score is calculated based on interviews with 4,888 randomly selected customers.

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