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The best online proofreading software for technology companies


Should you invest in online proofing software? If you want faster and more efficient project management, the answer is yes.

If you want high content marketing engagement, the answer is also yes. According to the advertising test of the website planet, compared with the same typo-free content, marketing typos will reduce engagement by 70%.

It is important to choose the best proofing software for agents and brands. Each proofing tool is designed for specific needs or functions. You need enterprise-level software that can meet all your unique project management needs.

Learn more about the advantages in this guide, including our online proofreading software version comparison for research readiness assessment.

How to choose the best online proofreading software for tech companies

Every new process tool starts with a return on investment target. How much time and money will be invested compared to the time and money saved and/or increased?

In order to maximize the return on investment of online proofing software, please consider the following factors:

  • How much will it cost?
  • Does it have a free trial version?
  • How will it be integrated?
  • How long does it take to implement and train?
  • What skill level is required for use and maintenance?
  • Which process steps can be automated?
  • Which redundancy can be eliminated?
  • Where do you need to increase efficiency?
  • How will it track and manage communications?
  • What compliance and security measures does it have?
  • How much time and cost have been saved?
  • What is the overall added value?

Enterprise-level software is secure and scalable. When you compare versions, please pay attention to how online proofing tools provide project management solutions.

For example, you may need a semantic keyword proofreading tool to improve SEO performance. Or, you may need the most user-friendly software UI because you are short on time and do not have additional training time.

Online proofing software and project management solutions

The talents of your digital marketing team may not be fully utilized. Communication is the key. The productivity of even a strong team can be shaken by chaotic and overly complex communication steps.

Online proofreading software collects feedback and simplifies the review process to eliminate unnecessary links in the communication chain. Your marketing team can save time spent on quality control while still maintaining high-quality creative content.

Review and approve content in real time, allowing team members to collaborate virtually side-by-side. The approval process is directly integrated into your automated workflow.

Without online proofreading software, digital marketing projects risk wasted production time, non-compliance and security issues, rather than content errors.

Online proofreading software that is more suitable for technology companies

We studied the key proofreading software features provided by each version. Feature highlights include everything from free trial versions of proofing software to international regulatory compliance.

Each version provides some form of security and compliance. Scalability is a core feature of project management solutions and ROI.

For example, the large-scale process chain of Aproove and GoProof is a bit too much for a small internal marketing team. Testing the functions of Ziflow and PageProof in a free trial run will be a more practical solution.

Other core functions include customization and control of automated processes and integration with other applications, platforms and business software.

1. Free flow

Ziflow’s characteristic indicators aim to increase the speed of project delivery by 50%, with 80% of the projects being completed in two versions or less. These goals can be achieved through Ziflow’s user-friendly UI, high scalability and enhanced management control.

Proofing software features include:

  • Free trial
  • +1200 supported media types
  • Form for external customer review
  • Fine control of automated workflow
  • Automated review process
  • Application integration
  • SOC2 compliance
  • 24/7 technical support
ziflow-feedback dashboard
Source: Ziflow

Ziflow also provides management solutions for resolving discussion threads and locking down previous revisions. Regardless of the file type, the comparison process compares all versions, down to the pixel.

2. Page proof

PageProof is “rich in features, suitable for people who don’t have a long time.” It provides better customization through rich UI options. In a case study, it doubled marketing output while cutting production time in half.

Proofing software features include:

  • Free for reviewers
  • Real-time red pen review
  • ColorSep™ Smart Tool
  • Customized platform integration
  • Automated workflow customization
  • International data location
  • Three-layer encryption
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliance
pageproof-review and tracking
Source: PageProof

PageProof also has a smart comparison function that can highlight the differences between work revisions for you. It supports proofreading of emails, websites and banner ads.

3. Approval

Aproove provides high scalability for marketing teams with long workflow chains. It aims to manage the automated workflow from within the team to the stakeholders.

The proofreading software features include:

  • Classic or enterprise pricing plans
  • +180 supported file types
  • Legal compliance integration
  • Automated workflow builder tool
  • Automated or customized KPI reports
  • Conflict Resolution Manager
  • Metadata characteristics
  • API and OEM integration

Aproove’s characteristic metrics for the marketing team include a 56% reduction in project time and a 63% reduction in review cycle time. It also reduced email traffic by 76% and 100% return on investment for 92% of users on average.


GoProof is a global scale proofing ecosystem. It provides a manager’s workflow as a buffer between team members and customers, with a single point of contact.

Proofing software features include:

  • Free trial
  • Unlimited free reviewers
  • Collaboration and automation processes worldwide
  • Custom workflow and intake form
  • Adobe InCopy® workflow
  • Insight report
  • Cloud integration
  • GDPR compliance

In addition to long-chain process support, it also tracks project performance data to improve workload efficiency and customer pricing. Its characteristic indicators include a 50% reduction in the review time frame.

Motivation-driven marketing solutions to maximize project performance

Online proofing software can be a powerful tool for any marketing process, from local freelancers to multinational companies. The right proofing tool can expand your automated workflow while integrating with your existing functions.

Whether you need KPIs, fine workflow control or performance analysis, there is a proofing software function to meet your marketing strategy. For more marketing strategy solutions, please browse our selection of the best digital marketing tools.

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