Tesla recalls Model S and X due to driver’s airbag failure


Tesla announced this week that it is recalling approximately 7,600 2021 Model S sedans and Model X SUVs to address possible faulty driver-side airbags, which may be damaged during deployment, which may cause problems for driving. Insufficient protection of personnel.

Tesla said in its acknowledgement of the recall to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): “During a collision, a torn airbag may not adequately protect the occupants, thereby increasing their risk of injury.” The agency has not yet released a release. Tesla’s complete documentation on the issue. (Or the car manufacturer has not yet provided it), so the details are few.

Tesla has been under increasing pressure from regulators to improve defect documents and comply with mandatory recall procedures. In recent months, these two measures have put the electric car manufacturer into trouble. When NHTSA discovered that it had deployed software fixes to safety systems without conducting a recall, Tesla faced a counterattack as it tried to solve the problems with its Autopilot semi-autonomous driving kit.

Tesla stated that it will promptly take remedial measures for the Airbag problems of Model X and Model S in order to start an event early next year, and promised car owners that they will be notified in January, asking them to go to the dealership Repair it.

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