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Inspiring healthier human beings requires us to push ourselves forward and advance progress while reflecting on our amazing achievements. At TEDMED 2020, we will connect with an invisible force that has pushed humanity forward for thousands of years-Want to know. To experience miracles is to experience the power and possibilities hidden under the surface waiting to be discovered.

With the development of our 2020 phase plan and community dialogue, we are beginning to see the power of miracles at work. From the great wisdom found in miracles to the double miracles of human thinking, TEDMED 2020 is full of miracles. Therefore, we are happy to share with you five conferences in 2020:

Our 2020 editorial advisory committee and research scholars are deeply involved in the development of our stage programs and live dialogues. As our community has always done, they generously contributed their time, expertise and wisdom to create this year’s experience.We hope you can join us from March 2nd to 4th Make way for miracles In Boston, Massachusetts. If you are inspired by these speakers and conferences, we still have time to be part of this passionate community. Please be sure to register on TEDMED 2020 and secure your seat!

In the next few weeks, we will share more details about the event. To stay up to date with the latest information, please sign up for our newsletter and subscribe to the TEDMED blog.

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