Shakur Stevenson defeated Jamel Herring to win the WBO Junior Lightweight Championship


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In the breakthrough performance of his young career, Shakur Stevenson became a two-level champion in a performance master class on Saturday.

Stevenson (17-0, 9 KOs) is a former lightweight champion who performed well in the first half of his 130-pound game against Jamel Herring. The 24-year-old left-hander continued to score in the 10th round of the suspension against the WBO champion because Stevenson lacked iconic victories in his career after winning the silver medal at the 2016 Olympics.

Stevenson’s upper body is significantly more muscular, and he relies on his own speed to separate the herring. Once the 35-year-old veteran found a way to get inside, Stevenson’s performance was as good as Herring’s muscles, acting like a bigger fighter.

More offensive Herring (23-3, 11 KOs) From the 4th round, the cleaner Stevenson will counterattack with a powerful shot.

According to CompuBox, Stevenson will continue to enter Herring with an advantage of 164 to 87. He will walk down Herring at will in the 9th round, and use a Dalian strike to separate his defenders. The incision above the herring’s eye got worse from there, causing referee Mark Nelson to suspend the game in the 10th round for the circus doctor to take a look.

When Stevenson stepped on the accelerator and moved quickly along the rope, Nelson kept a short rope from there, although the herring was still standing, the referee stopped the game. The fight was ruled as TKO at 1:30 in the 10th round.

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