Rosenbauer developed a dedicated EV fire extinguishing system


EV switches will require many EV-specific solutions, and one of the most important solutions is how to extinguish battery fires.pass through RideApartThe Austrian fire service company Rosenbauer provided the United States with the first electric fire truck. The company has developed a remotely operated lithium-ion battery fire extinguishing system that pumps water directly into the battery case. Electric cars are not more likely to catch fire than internal combustion engine cars, but battery chemistry can cause hotter electrical fires, which may reignite due to the physical characteristics of the casing. In April of this year, a Tesla caught fire in Houston. Houston firefighters needed 28,000 gallons of water to completely extinguish the fire, but after two reignitions. NBC News According to reports, a typical ICE fire can be extinguished with approximately 300 gallons of water.

The Rosenbauer device consists of two parts, a fire extinguishing device and an operating device, connected by a water pipe. If the electric car is still on the wheel, the firefighter needs to place the fire extinguishing device between the battery and the road, or if the electric car is on the side or roof, install the fire extinguishing device outside or inside the vehicle near the battery. After that, firefighters can operate the device from approximately 25 feet away. According to their orders, the fire extinguishing device drives the mandrel with the piercing spray gun into the battery with several tons of force, and then pours water into the battery through the spray gun. During transportation, the device can stay on the battery, so as long as there is still a water supply, more water can be pushed into the battery to prevent re-ignition.

Rosenbauer stated that it tested the system together with European factories, professional and voluntary fire departments, and tested it on different battery designs, obtaining the expected results and integrating it with the current department’s strategy. We look forward to seeing it put into use; in the picture, the firefighters place the mandrel unit under the electric car, and we want to know how the mandrel unit is placed under or above the car that is already on fire. The system can be ordered now and delivery will begin next year.

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