Rimac Nevera had a dirty drive before meeting its manufacturer


This month, Mate Rimac (pronounced MAH-tay REE-mahts) took over as CEO of Bugatti Rimac. The shareholders are Rimac (55%) and Porsche (45%). Let us take a moment to think about this sentence. We have Bugatti, perhaps the ultimate goal in terms of foundry, mass production speed, power and luxury; Rimac, the manufacturer of an amazing electric supercar, full of essential EV technology; and Porsche, a legend in the world One of the sports car manufacturers to cooperate in the development of future products. There is no better place to express this cliché: what a good time to live.

In any case, Rimac is building a new headquarters in Sveta Nedelja near Zagreb, Croatia, and preparing for global sales for Nevera. The company has 16 pre-series prototypes, manufactured to 95% of the production specifications, for track and road testing, investor and customer drive, and media outings. Each of them will end their lives in a high-speed collision against the wall, sometimes repeated after reconstruction, until it dies. Therefore, Mate decided to take one of the prototype cars to the dirt road around the headquarters construction site, let us enjoy it, and then painted the car in a light blue matte hue to deal with the fatalities of offset obstacles and 30-degree frontal collisions Encountered the test. It worked. We enjoyed it very much. Then he washes the car in a self-service car wash, because he is that kind of person.

As for the US$226 million carbon neutral headquarters, it will be completed in 2023. The company stated that the base will become one of the largest R&D and production facilities of any industry in Europe, and will expand the total number of Bugatti and Rimac’s 435 employees to approximately 2,500. There will be a “command center”, virtual reality room, a buyer customization studio, a museum and a bar. There will also be a test track that runs between buildings, which we think is the kind of thing you can have when building an EV supercar.

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