Quadratec launches Stallion 4×4 brand to modify Ford Mustang


Quadratec is one of the world’s most famous manufacturers of Jeep automotive aftermarket parts, and it is turning its attention to the reborn Ford Bronco. It announced a new department called Stallion 4×4, which aims to provide fans with a large number of Bronco-related resources and parts.

Although the company has not yet released its first catalog, it has released a heavily modified image of the four-door Bronco, previewing its products in the store. This SUV is equipped with big tires, lift kit, redesigned front bumper and new exterior doors. The first generation of Wrangler YJL launched in early 2021 also demonstrated the capabilities of Quadratec; Stallion 4×4 should inherit all this knowledge.

It sounds like some parts and accessories of Stallion 4×4 will be designed in-house; others will be developed by third-party companies. Moreover, what has not yet been revealed is which generation of Bronco the brand will focus on. Quadratec sells anything, from choke cables in 1946 CJ to transmission oil coolers in 2022 Wrangler; we hope that Stallion will take the same broad approach to serve the Bronco community. More details (and hopefully a parts catalog) will be released soon; we were told that this store is “opening soon”.

Stallion 4×4 needs to fend off competition from more and more companies looking to capitalize on the hype surrounding Bronco and Ford itself. Executives know that there will be great demand for customization options, so they spare no effort to launch trucks with hundreds of factory-developed or factory-authorized accessories, including tents and full-body skid plates.

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