NBC’s new deal boosts U.S. broadcast revenue for the Premier League


The Premier League has sold its U.S. football game broadcast rights to Comcast’s NBC for approximately US$2.7 billion in six years, almost three times its current contract with the broadcaster, and has strengthened it. Dominance in the European league.

England’s top league earns more than any major rivals in Germany, Italy and Spain. It said Thursday that it will continue to cooperate with NBC. NBC has purchased the broadcasting rights for all 380 games in each season of the 2022-28 season.

A person familiar with the agreement stated that its valuation of these rights is approximately US$2.7 billion, a significant increase from the previous US$1 billion contract signed in 2015, indicating that as cable companies are faced with Netflix and other streaming services Increasing competition and broadcasters’ demand for live sports.

This deal shows the league’s ability to continue to increase broadcast revenue, which has played a gratifying role in promoting the 20 clubs that hope to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, compete with competitors for star players, and attract global audiences to participate in the sport. .

This is also a sign of the growing appeal of the Premier League in the United States, where football has traditionally struggled to compete for airtime in a market dominated by American football, basketball and baseball.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters said: “NBC Sports has significantly increased the visibility of the league in the United States through its excellent reports and publicity.”

“You used to go to Midtown Manhattan and see people wearing MLB jerseys or NBA jerseys. Now, it’s not uncommon to see Arsenal or Liverpool jerseys at the same level,” said Jon Miller, president of NBC sports programs. “This is a very young sport and also a very popular sport. I think [soccer] Accepted by more people. “

Miller told the British “Financial Times” that the new price reflects the “increasing value” situation.

“this [Premier League] I have proven that I am very valuable in the United States. We are happy to move on because we know this will continue to be successful for us,” he said.

The broadcaster has been a US partner of the alliance since 2013, winning auctions with rivals ViacomCBS and Disney’s ESPN. The competition was so fierce that the final payment exceeded the US$2 billion mark previously reported by the Financial Times.

“NBC Sports” The morning of the Premier League Programming is now a real institution among American supporters. Fans get up early to gather and cheer for their favorite club week after week,” Masters added.

Jet lag means that Premier League games are screened in the morning in the United States, which means less competition with domestic sports games.

The deal will help Comcast because it hopes to differentiate its Peacock streaming service from its competitors through live sports programming, which Netflix does not provide. Earlier this year, Comcast won the rights to NFL games for the next 10 years and controls the rights to the Olympics until 2032.

Following the renewal of domestic broadcasting rights in May last year, the increase in US broadcasting revenue will be a welcome development for the alliance. The alliance sold the UK broadcasting rights to its existing partners Sky, BT and Amazon for 5 billion pounds. This has not changed in any way from the previous transaction, because it chose to remain stable in the pandemic.

The broadcaster said on Thursday that the league has renewed its broadcast agreement in Australia, with Optus Sport for six years, and it has also obtained the broadcast rights for the FA Women’s Premier League for two years.

It is renewing several other transactions, including in Canada, the Caribbean, Central and Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

It is still looking for a new chairman after Gary Hoffman resigned. He resigned after being pressured from clubs that were angry about handling the Saudi Arabia-led acquisition of Newcastle United for £305 million.

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