MV Agusta Rapido Serie Oro is an electric scooter with Sport + mode


MV Agusta is a supplier of some of the most powerful and traceable motorcycles in Italy and is entering the field of electric scooters. However, it has not forgotten its tradition: its Rapido Serie Oro provides unusual performance for this market segment, as well as the Sport+ mode.

Rapido Serie Oro is painted in red with black and gold decorations, boldly advertised as the “Italian stallion in the world of electric scooters”. Its design is sporty, almost like a motorcycle; it is sleek, angular, and equipped with a round headlight mounted on a component that looks like the fairing you find on a track bike. MV Agusta built the scooter around a magnesium alloy frame to reduce the weight to approximately 44 pounds.

Power comes from a 500-watt brushless electric motor, which produces 18 pound-feet of torque (almost the same as the Fiat 500 in 1957!) and unlocks a top speed of nearly 25 mph. It can climb a 14-degree slope and can carry riders weighing up to 220 pounds, but there is no word on whether it can do it at the same time. In any case, it provides users with four riding modes, namely walking, environmental protection, comfort and sports+. Each profile provides different levels of speed, acceleration and energy consumption.

When riding at a steady speed of 20 mph, the maximum range is 31 miles. It takes approximately five hours to charge the battery pack.

The Rapido Serie Oro starts at 850 Euros, which is about $1,000 based on the current conversion rate, which MV Agusta calls the “early bird”. If you are not, Rapido will cost you 1,000 Euros (approximately US$1,200). We don’t know if there are plans for sales in the US.

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