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MBUX AI Cockpit has just added another “B” to its resume-beauty, intelligence, and now it is strong.

Mercedes-AMG, the performance subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, unveiled its next-generation SL on Thursday, bringing its long tradition of sports into the era of artificial intelligence. SL seamlessly combines performance and luxury with the latest MBUX smart cockpit powered by NVIDIA.

MBUX runs on the high-performance, energy-efficient computing of NVIDIA GPUs to achieve real-time AI processing and clear graphics. In Mercedes-AMG SL, these industry-leading functions have been adjusted for its sports characteristics, and items such as “AMG Performance” or “AMG Track Pace” have been added to driver control.

The latest generation of MBUX extends from ultra-luxury (such as Mercedes-Benz S-Class) and daily comfort (such as C-Class) to the highest level of performance driving, demonstrating the versatility and great potential of in-vehicle artificial intelligence.

Smart icon

The MBUX system in SL adopts the best convenience and luxurious functions of S-class cars, and increases the volume of driving control.

The AI ​​cockpit arranges various in-flight functions on a single centralized computing platform, and continuously learns to continuously bring happiness to customers. Similarly, as the central nervous system of the vehicle, the MBUX system intelligently connects all its functions to achieve excellent graphics using the high performance of NVIDIA GPUs.

Compared to its more passenger-centric cousin, the SL cockpit faces the driver all the way down to the adjustable center display with crystal-clear graphics. It is equipped with a fully digital 12.3-inch high-resolution instrument panel integrated in a 3D sun visor. With MBUX, the driver can freely customize the display style and driving mode.

The driver can use the “Hey Mercedes” intelligent voice assistant to operate MBUX, which can understand up to 28 languages.

Although SL is designed for those who like open roads, it incorporates intelligent driving functions to allow you to enjoy a less casual moment. Using cameras and radar sensors around the vehicle, the driver assistance system observes the surrounding environment and intervenes quickly when necessary.

The driver can use the display in the instrument cluster to view the operation of the system. The driver assistance system displays real-time 3D views of cars, lanes, lane markings, and other road users such as cars, trucks, and two-wheelers. The display can also show the status and operation of these functions. Dynamic, high-quality graphics make driver assistance systems transparent and easy to understand.

This intelligent design is effortlessly integrated into the iconic analog control of the roadster, and the appearance is both classic and futuristic.

Daimler Group Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener said: “SL is a huge opportunity and challenge for design, because every designer wants to create icons. “The result is between digital and analog luxury. A revolutionary indoor experience between. We created the most iconic SL ever. “

Form satisfies function

SL inherits its decades-long performance tradition, and has new features that increase comfort and convenience.

This convertible sports car has a soft top design and is suitable for daily use as a 2+2 seat car. This SL is also the first model ever to be equipped with all-wheel drive, enabling dynamic driving under any conditions.

The SL’s body is completely unique-no other Mercedes-AMG models share the same shell components as previous sports cars. The chassis is composed of a lightweight composite aluminum structure and a self-supporting aluminum space frame. This innovative design aims to achieve precise driving dynamics, high comfort and a sporty appearance.

The first two SL models will be equipped with AMG 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbocharged engines, followed by high-performance hybrid vehicles. The eight-cylinder engine provides excellent power and acceleration with maximum efficiency.

With the latest generation of SL, the cutting edge of performance driving is combined with the latest AI innovation to bring a truly exciting and intelligent experience.

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