Kia Niro next generation gets teased before full announcement later this week


The next generation of Kia Niro is about to make its full debut. Kia provided some preview photos to prepare us for the whole event. There are a total of four pictures here that show us the front, back and interior of the new Niro in the gloomy darkness.

Starting from the exterior, Kia told us that the exterior design originated from the Habaniro concept car that was shown at the New York Auto Show a few years ago. Compared to the current city-centric Niro, it looks more outdoor and adventurous. The tall front end, sharp lines, and more imposing posture all contribute to this style. As for other details, let’s take a look at the new front and rear LED lighting design. A small and unique pattern accentuates the front, while the taillights are installed superelevated around the rear window. The new Kia logo is visible, but other logos are rarely revealed-although Kia does say that it will have a two-tone body. It also has very large wheels with limited wheel clearance, so even if that means looking stronger, Niro is likely to retain most of its urban focus.

Let the Nero trailer

Then there is the interior. Kia’s preview photos of the interior may be more instructive than the exterior. Kia said the design is based on its “unification of opposites” design strategy. This means that it is a hodgepodge of diagonal and horizontal lines, which together create something unconventional in the world of car interiors. It is similar to what we have seen in the Kia EV6 because it has a dual screen with a combined instrument panel and touch screen, and a similarly curved center console design. Many important elements are still completely obscured, but it is clear that the interior of the new Niro will look more interesting than the previous one.

As for the show itself, Kia said it will kick off at the Seoul Mobile Show later this week.

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