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On Wednesday, the five people were killed in two separate operations in the Kurgan district.

India-controlled Kashmir Srinagar – The Indian army killed five suspected insurgents in the southern region of Indian-controlled Kashmir. The day before, a gun battle broke out in the area, after the Indian armed forces’ allegations that civilians were used as “human shields” sparked protests.

On Wednesday, the five people were killed in two separate operations in the Kurgan district.

Police officials said that after receiving news about the existence of insurgents in the villages of Pompeii and Gopal Bora in southern Kashmir, the armed forces laid a cordon and a gun battle followed.

Officials said that two insurgents were killed in the village of Gopal Bora. One of the victims was identified as Afaq Sikander, the commander of the newly surfaced Resistance Group (TRF). Officials of the organization stated that the organization was behind the recent series of targeted killings of immigrants and Hindus in the region Black hand.

In another gun battle in Pompeii, officials said three insurgents were killed.

Indian paramilitary soldiers outside the Indian-controlled Kashmir Srinagar market [Mukhtar Khan/AP Photo]

The tension in Indian-controlled Kashmir has been tense since Monday, when officials claimed that two suspected insurgents had been killed in the Hydeborah area of ​​Srinagar, the main city of the region.

The police said that two civilians were killed in the “exchange of fire.”

Witnesses and the families of the victims raised objections to the police’s statement. At least two families claimed that the deceased was used as a “human shield” by the Indian army.

Family members braved the cold weather to initiate an indefinite sit-in in the city center, demanding the return of civilian bodies.

All four people killed in the Hydeborah incident were buried in a secret cemetery in the Kupwala area on the northern border of Kashmir.

Kashmir was partitioned by India and Pakistan, both of which claimed full sovereignty over the region, but managed parts of the region.

The Indian side started an armed rebellion against the rule of New Delhi in 1989, and the insurgents demanded that the region be merged with Pakistan or become independent.

After the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi cancelled the region’s limited autonomy and divided it into two federally managed territories in August 2019, the conflict intensified and serious blockade.

During a demonstration in Srinagar on November 17, 2021, relatives of the murdered civilian Mudasir Ahmed joined others in demanding justice and the return of Ahmed and another civilian Corpse [Tauseef Mustafa/AFP]

After the blockade, hundreds of Kashmiri leaders, activists, lawyers, and youth detained and imprisoned were suppressed.

The recent increase in violence comes at a time when suspected insurgents have killed a series of civilians, mainly local Hindus and migrant workers.

Since last month, at least 54 people have been killed in the area, including 15 civilians, 29 suspected insurgents and 10 soldiers.

The authorities have deployed an additional 5,500 paramilitary troops in the area to enhance security.

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