Jack Paul’s next battle: The social media star will face Tommy Fury from Florida in December


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The wait for Jack Paul to face the “real boxer” will end on December 18th in Tampa, Florida. The social media star will continue his boxing career in the face of world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s 22-year-old half-brother Tommy Fury. This game will become the title of Showtime’s pay-per-view.

As a professional player, Fury has a 7-0 record, which gives him the appropriate level of experience to face Paul, who has a 4-0 record since turning professional in January 2020. NBA star Nate Robinson. With increasing pressure on Paul facing the “real fighter”, he quickly eliminated former mixed martial arts champion Ben Askeron before defeating former UFC champion Tyronn Woodley in August.

Woodley requested a rematch with Paul after a fiercely competitive match, but the dispute over the tattoo bet was one of the many reasons why the rematch failed.

“I started my professional boxing career less than two years ago [Jan. 30, 2020]”,” Paul said in a press release. “Four games, three pay-per-view games, two headlines, and one full seat. I look forward to my toughest challenge so far and continue to prove that the critics are Incorrect. Fighting the real boxers they call, this is exactly what I am doing. The legendary undefeated boxer of furious blood. However, this is more than just boxing for me. This is for the United States, to show the world that no other country can give you a chance to achieve your goals. It is suitable for every young man who has dreams and dedicated his life to realize their dreams. On December 18th, I will continue to realize my dream of turning Fury into Fumbles. ”

Fury fought on the hole cards of Paul vs. Woodley and was positioned as a potential Paul opponent. However, in four decisive victories against Anthony Taylor, Fury did not impress anyone. After Woodley’s defeat as Paul’s next opponent, this idea did continue to get a boost, leading Paul to bet again. In this case, if Paul wins, Ferry will need to change his last name to “Fumbles.” Obviously, Fury agreed to do this, and the battle began now.

“Jack Paul is about to take a serious life lesson,” Fury said in the press release. “This is my world. He doesn’t belong here. I am not one of these MMA men or basketball players. I have been boxing my whole life. On December 18th, I will show the world the difference between YouTubers and a real Aggressive person. Thanks to my promoter Frank Warren, the most valuable promotions and Showtime gave me the opportunity to shut up this clown once and for all.”

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