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If you ask us here Automatic blog BMW is our favorite model to drive, and the M2 CS will be among the best. Road test editor Zac Palmer described it as “the BMW everyone wants and desires”, and most of us tend to agree. With the 444 horsepower of its 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine, it is faster than the M2 and M2 competition, but the price is close to six figures, and it is also a lot more expensive. However, this is not important, because the M2 CS is already sold out, so getting it is a tricky problem. Unless you win this from Omaze.

Win a BMW M2 CS-enter at Omaze

This is what we thought when driving the M2 CS earlier this year:

“CS is about drives.

“Oh my God, this is a good thing. I lightly pressed the BMW shift lever on the right into “Drive”-yes, this one has a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission instead of a manual transmission-and shook it slightly. , And then shook the bastard. This primitive and slightly crude DCT is being phased out BMW The car transitions to a ZF eight-speed torque converter box. This is a shame, because the immediacy and clarity of its transformation disappear with it.

“Even if the adaptive shock absorber is set to fully comfortable, CS will not let you forget its priority. Every road gap and pothole are passed to the driver through the seat back. The steering at low and high speeds Naturally weighted. In addition, it effectively conveys the condition of the tires, which is rare for modern BMWs. The Cold Cup 2s is very smooth, and I can feel the lack of adhesion of the wheels on cold summer mornings. It is also very good in the cabin. Noisy. Rocks and pebbles are covered by those wide Michelin And clang on the fender well. Even if the active valve is closed, the exhaust will never be friendly to neighbors, and the noise of the M carbon ceramic brakes is even further, squeaking and screaming 100% of the time.

“For everything I am used to in today’s numb but technically excellent BMW car, this is totally sensory overload. This is the BMW that everyone wants and yearns for, I think. I’m just visiting the grocery store. , But even compared with the smaller M2 competition, other M cars lack the extra vitality and intimacy of the machine.

“Fast forward to the winding road to which this car belongs, and the M2 CS shows why it is the ultimate M2. Now, it is important to step back and realize that the magical feeling of this car on the road is largely due to the M2. The family is general, not the specific CS model. This is also good news for you, because although the CS has been completed in the 2020 model year, you can still participate in the 2021 M2 race.

“What makes the M2s drive like them is the ultra-short wheelbase and compact size, making it an uninterrupted rear-end happily driving car. Starting to apply the accelerator at the middle corner, the M2 CS is happy to quickly sidestep or fully slip. The dealer’s choice. The way it sprays from corner to corner is addictive. It requires the driver to participate and focus on the task at hand, but it can be tamed with a correctly guided hand. This is good because it accelerates at full throttle Will you see the saw lightly on the steering wheel.”

According to Omaze, “No donation or payment is required to participate in or win this raffle.” If you choose to donate, you will get 100 entries for $10, 1,000 entries for $50, and 2,000 entries for $100.

The donation itself benefits the American Bobsled/Skull Team. According to Omaze, they “committed to supporting the needs of American bobsled/skeleton athletes for three years as they strive to achieve sustained excellence in international competitions. Unlike most countries, American athletes did not receive any taxes nor did they continue US sled/skeleton athletes rely on private donations and sponsorships to help them win on the world stage. Your generosity can help reduce the financial burden of American sled/skeleton athletes’ training and competition-currently the most diverse of all winter sports Team.”

If you want to take this opportunity to own this ultimate driving machine, Enter hereThe deadline for registration is 11:59 PM Pacific Time on November 19, 2021.

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