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How to make an unforgettable brand video [2022 Guide]


Brand video is a phenomenon that has taken the business world by storm recently. Companies now want to challenge traditional norms, go beyond the usual advertising noise, and tell powerful stories that truly resonate with people around the world. The advantage of branded videos is that anyone can use them. You don’t need a creative genius to create compelling content. You only need a clear direction, a simple story and some wonderful pictures, and you can make waves in the market of your choice.

In this article, we have collected the best tips for improving your video brand.

Corporate Brand Video

Let’s start with the importance of the brand itself. Why should we consider it important to the business?

Branding is really about how your customers perceive you. This is why it is necessary to leave the right impression on the target audience. What do you do? Audience analysis and brand strategy can help.

If you carefully analyze your target audience and create a strong brand based on this information, you will be able to impress people at first glance. Therefore, potential customers can quickly transform into existing customers. This means you can reduce your spending on advertising campaigns, and they will be more successful. But to achieve this goal, you need to create a brand identity.

Create brand identity

When you start to build a brand, you should define the brand concept and its positioning, and then use various brand strategy elements to turn it into reality.

But let’s start with this idea. Why do you need a brand identity? Nowadays, with fierce competition in most areas, marketing has become more radical. Therefore, people are tired of countless attempts to sell something to them. In order to attract audiences, you must show that you are not just a seller; you need to have a specific position on some issues related to your field, and show that you are eager to change the world.

If people think that you have the same values ​​as them, and by buying, they can join a community of people with similar positions and values, then they are more likely to buy from you. Therefore, we can say that building a community around your brand is part of creating an identity.

In short, brand identity is similar to human personality. When you develop this personality for your business, it’s time to consider the specific tools used in your brand strategy.

Brand strategy elements

The brand strategy basically consists of the positions we discussed in the previous section. The tone you use to express these positions and the visual elements used to show your point of view also contribute to your brand image. Now, we will carefully study each brand strategy element.

  • Knowing your target audience is important. You need to have a clear description of your “ideal customer” so that you can understand what their values ​​and interests are, what language they use to communicate, and other details that can help you connect with potential customers as a friend, not just Is the owner of the business.
  • The tone should suit your target audience. First, you need to analyze how your target audience speaks. You can then decide whether you want to talk to someone as a friend, expert, or potential business partner. Considering these two parameters, you can develop your own unique tone.
  • The company colors and fonts you use can also affect customer perception. This is the first visual element to consider, and its importance cannot be underestimated. Colors and fonts should match the overall concept and highlight your corporate image, but they should not overload your corporate image.
  • Graphics are an indispensable tool in your brand strategy. The image you use will determine your brand style from the viewer’s perspective. They should all be designed in a style, and each image should have its own goal.
  • Today’s brand video is more important than graphics. You can use videos for almost all purposes, add them to your posts along with illustrations, or even replace them. In addition, video is the most versatile tool because it combines all other elements into one: tone, color, font, and graphics.

The role of video in branding

Today, it is impossible to underestimate the importance of video in marketing and branding activities. Video is the most popular content type. More than 80% of consumers said they prefer watching videos rather than reading text posts, and the videos convinced them to make a purchase.

In terms of branding, we can say that videos are more memorable than text and static images. They can attract people’s attention and hold it. In addition, videos can convey information through the use of text or narrative and visual elements. In addition, videos provide an opportunity to use popular music to make your clips more popular.

Brand video type

As you can see, brand video is a necessity of today’s brand strategy. But there are too many types of videos; which one to choose for branded videos? Below is a list of video types that are well suited to your brand strategy.

Product video

Product videos are videos that showcase your products. You can choose various concepts: detailed reviews of products or short but picturesque overviews. In any case, the protagonist of such a video will be your product, and it should be a story rather than a basic advertisement. And if not everyone knows how to use your product, you can also explain it in detail in the product video.

Information video

Information videos can contain valuable information from your field or other fields related to your business. In addition, this type of video can help you present yourself as an expert in your field. Therefore, you can benefit from this type of content in two ways: First, you can share your knowledge with your audience so that people feel that they are getting value from your content. Second, you can gain the trust of the audience by showing that you are a professional.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are designed to show how to use your product in usual or unusual ways. For example, you can show some projects that customers can use your product to make, share some life tips, and so on. Using this type of video is also valuable because it allows your audience to see that you share useful information. Therefore, people are more likely to continue to use such a brand and return to your content time and time again.

Video information of the founder or CEO

Information from the founder or CEO of a brand can help you convey your brand philosophy and positioning to your audience. In addition, such videos can help people get closer to your brand and feel that the founder or CEO is their friend.

Another interesting option is news from employees. It can be a “thank you” video, an overview of some business processes, or just an introduction by the team. One advantage of information from employees is that it can promote your company not only to potential customers but also to potential employees.

Video recommendation

The video reviews of your existing customers deserve to be included in your brand strategy because they can contribute in many ways. First, recommendations can help you gain the trust of your target audience, because people are more likely to consider other people’s experiences and opinions. In addition, such content may be helpful to your potential customers; in this way, they will be able to evaluate your product based on feedback from your existing customers. Another advantage of video reviews is that they can make your brand more visible online by people looking for product reviews.

Important tips for creating branded videos

After you have decided on your brand strategy and developed a content plan, it’s time to create video content. We have listed some ideas and tools for you to make this task easy and suitable for beginners.

#1 write a script

An unforgettable video starts with the script. You should write down all the details of your future editing, what you will say, what you will do every minute. It is important to avoid pauses and unnecessary information. A good script will help to make a great video, making it short, informative and vibrant.

#2 tell a story

Most importantly, people like stories. Therefore, first create the company or personal story to be filmed. It can be a story about your company, your industry, or even a story about a specific person. You can go one step further and create a story for one of the products or customers. The point is-to make the story exciting for the audience, you will only be limited by your creativity.

#3 prepare your equipment

Although you don’t need to be a professional videographer with professional equipment to shoot videos, you still need some equipment. As for the camera, most modern smartphones are equipped with a camera that is enough to shoot videos for your blog. However, it is best to consider purchasing an external microphone; remember that sound is as important as image. The more important point is lighting. If you are shooting indoors, you can shoot outdoors or use natural light sources such as video. However, if your location is not well lit, you may need professional lighting.

#4 Decide on the location

Location can be one of the characteristics of your video; you can talk about this topic effortlessly. For example, you can choose an office or a factory to photograph the brand founder, CEO, or employee. For video recommendations, a home environment or outdoor location may be more suitable for you. Therefore, please choose a location based on the subject and goal of the video.

#5 Don’t neglect post-production

After shooting the video, it’s time to consider editing, which is essential in video production. Editing can help you delete unnecessary clips, stabilize videos, add visual and audio effects, and more. Depending on the visual style of your brand, you can limit yourself to simple edits such as cut and stabilization, or use advanced tools such as chroma key and add transitions, stickers, and other effects.
For any of these purposes, you need a reliable video editing program. Fortunately, today’s market offers dozens of options. If you are a beginner or a hobbyist, you can choose online solutions such as Fastreel Video Editor or Magisto. If you prefer to use complex professional software, please check out Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

#6 Remember your visual brand elements

As we have already mentioned, a significant advantage of video content is that it can showcase all of your brand’s strategic elements. For example, at the script stage, you should consider tone. When shooting, please consider your company color. During the editing phase, you can add visual elements such as logos and graphics.

#7 Publish your video

Last but not least, publishing a video is as important as creating a video. First, you need to publish content regularly so that search engine algorithms can rank your content higher. Another key point is the video’s metadata: the title, description, and tags need to contain keywords in order for your video to be optimized for search engines. In this way, you can make your brand content visible online and attract new audiences.


Although creating high-quality branded videos may seem complicated, you can do it even if you don’t have experience in creating video content. Before creating a video, analyze your target audience and follow our guidelines on developing a brand identity and content plan. Be creative!

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