‘Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-Definitive Edition’ Review: A Wasted Opportunity


I can not believe it More than 20 years have passed Grand Theft Auto III released.I’m old enough to remember playing the original 2D top-down game on my first PC, but it’s Grand Theft Auto 3 Convert the series to the top on PlayStation 2.

The game features 3D action views and refreshing freedom, creating a new era of open world games. It’s hard to exaggerate its influence, but twenty years is a long time for the game, and its era has proven this.Update this classic and make a worthy Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-Definitive Edition Labeling requires patience, care and skill. Sadly, Rockstar handed over the task to Grove Street Games, and they didn’t seem to have the time or resources to treat it fairly.

Back on the mediocre streets of Liberty City (roughly based in New York), I immediately felt at home in overalls and leather jackets because I rode a banshee to work for the Leone family.You play the silent claude Grand Theft Auto 3, An introduction to the trilogy, including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with San Andreas. When I burned rubber and quickly browsed the radio station, I went beyond the initial nostalgic joy, and I was shocked at how rough everything was-of course, humor, as well as mission design, outdated settings, and reworked art.

Starting from the prototype, you can track the increasing complexity Grand Theft Auto 3 Traveling through the 80s-action movie neon hot dream Vice city, From licensed music like Blondie and the dubbing of Ray Liotta, to fascinating stories, gang wars, character development and depth San Andreas. Every step of the series becomes bigger and better, and can do everything Grand Theft Auto A large debt owed to his predecessor. So I am sad to see them being treated so carelessly.

In all three headings, there are a large number of straightforward errors. There are too many, but the highlights include crashing into the PS5 menu more than once, falling off the map, riding a motorcycle sideways in the street, NPCs running around, a group of burnt dead people passing by for a while After time, the helicopter exploded permanently floating in the air, and the colorful CJ who violated the laws of physics on a bicycle. I played it on PS5, but obviously the PC and Switch versions have bigger problems. To be honest, these GTA games are always a bit problematic, but you forgive the strange physical glitches or car explosions because the scale of the open world was so impressive at the time. But this is no longer true, and many of these errors are new.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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