Fisker Ocean participates in the Los Angeles Auto Show


Fisker brought the new Ocean EV to the Los Angeles Auto Show, and made a public preview in Manhattan Beach, and it was unveiled at the auto show. You can watch the public display above and see more shots in the showroom below.

According to Fisker, Ocean’s starting price is $37,499 (not including bonuses). The entry model will be a sporty interior with a single 275-horsepower electric motor driving the front wheels and an estimated 250-mile range. It also has a 0-60 time of 6.9 seconds.

Upgrade to the Ultra version at a price of $49,999, get dual-motor all-wheel drive, 540 horsepower, 340 miles of cruising range and 3.9 seconds of 0-60 time. The Extreme interior, priced at $68,999, is equipped with all-wheel drive, 550 horsepower, more than 350 miles of cruising range and a 0-60 sprint in 3.6 seconds.

Fisker also touted the previously announced lease plan, customers can choose the length of the lease, as low as $379 per month. The chartered fleet will serve for 12 years before being fully recovered by Fisker.

The electric ute will use environmentally friendly materials (such as recycled fishing nets and T-shirts), a solar roof that can be opened in the “California Mode”, a multi-link rear suspension that helps enhance athletic ability, and aerodynamics designed to balance the smallest Resistance and optimized cooling system. We have also seen a “Force E” package, which can turn the ocean into a more robust off-road vehicle for use by interested teams.

Today, Fisker also showed Ocean’s rotating infotainment screen, which can be oriented in portrait or landscape mode.

In a preview near the company’s headquarters in Manhattan Beach, Henrik Fisker said that the company’s logo was inspired by the ocean sunset. “This is where the orange and blue come from,” he said. “The two vertical lines symbolize the designer’s pencil and the engineer’s ruler-tools of our industry. My inspiration for the logo occurred on a very similar day to this day. “

The new affordable EV crossover is planned to begin production at Magna-Steyr’s plant in Graz, Austria, one year from today, although Henrik Fisker said the company is moving fast and may deliver the product before then.

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