EV crossovers start at $84,195


The BMW iX era has officially begun, and the configurator of the electric crossover will be launched as the price changes. The bid price starts at $83,200, excluding the $995 destination fee, and the total price without options is $84,195. The money purchased a dual-motor all-wheel-drive family carriage with 516 horsepower and 564 pound-feet of torque, which can increase the sprint speed to 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds, and can travel about 300 miles on a single charge. This sum is only US$400 higher than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the gasoline-powered BMW X5 M50i, which has a bit more horsepower and a faster speed.

iX starts with the Shadowline decoration standard and uses 20-inch wheels. The $2,800 Sport package adds dark transparent taillights and upgrades to 21-inch wheels, but when the wheel options are $950 or $1,900 a single point, for some smoked taillight lenses, Sport seems to be a big deal Number of. Of course, bypassing the sports version prevents us from choosing two separate paint colors Storm Bay Metallic and Aventurin Red Metallic, each of which adds a price of $1,950. These paints also require a set of 22-inch wheels, which cost an additional US$950 instead of the usual US$1,900. However, getting quality paint and the need to buy larger wheels actually means paying $1,850 for the dark transparent taillights after a discount of $950 on the wheels. There are six free colors. We chose Blue Ridge Mountain Metallic and 22-inch Aero Bi-Color wheels. The full price is $1,900.

Internally, BMW offers three standard Sensatec fabrics for free, a lime-grey microfiber/wool blend option worth $500, and two Amido or Castanea Chestnut perforated leather options at a price of $2,450. We chose Armido.

After that, everything has to do with how much convenience and safety buyers want. There are US$2,300 convenience packages, US$4,000 premium packages, US$1,600 dynamic processing packages, and US$1,150 luxury packages. A warning in the configurator says that the dynamic processing package will be automatically added to any iX built from now to February next year, so that’s it. We chose the $1,700 Active Driver Assistance Pro version, which requires a convenience or premium package-we chose the premium package-front ventilated seats for $500, radiant heating kit for $950, and laser light for $1,000 The adaptive LED headlight has the functions we might want. Since the Infrastructure Act has been signed into law, it can be unlocked in one day. There is also a $3,400 Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system. If you really don’t want to hear BMW’s symphony EV Natural Sounds, there are 30 speakers, 2 subwoofers and 4 bass vibrators on the front seats. To replace the advanced Harman Kardon system.

Tally after destination fee: $98,120.

Although the configurator is online, the first batch of retail units will not arrive in the United States until next year, and the premise is that suppliers and global supply chains will not suffer another round of terrorist attacks during the holiday period.

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