Dodge has three big shows in 2022; at least two are powered on


This summer, Stellattis outlined the outline of its ambitious electrification strategy. The plan includes an all-electric muscle car in 2024.According to reports, obviously we will see its concept soon Motor Authority with Car trendBoth media spoke to Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis, who revealed that we will see this giant electric car and two other models in 2022.

For a car that will not be on the market for more than two years, we will see a basic car next year, which is a bit surprising. From the large-scale Stellatis EV summit, we know that it will be built on the STLA Large platform, which will also become the basis for the next Giulia. It can hold batteries with a capacity from 101 to 118 kWh and has a cruising range of up to 500 miles. Stellantis will also have a series of motors with up to 402 horsepower. Combining the two will be an easy way to generate more than 800 horsepower, which is very suitable for electric Dodge muscle cars.

As for the challenger and charger? “The cars you know today will be discontinued by 2024,” Kuniskiss said mtWe reported more than a year ago that those aging muscle cars will live at least until 2023, so it sounds like Dodge is roughly on track there.

Two other cars that will be unveiled in 2022 are shrouded in mystery. Kuniskiss said that one of them will be a new plug-in hybrid model, which will be released early next year.He emphasized Motor Authority It is new and therefore probably not closely related to any existing plug-in hybrid vehicles (such as Pacifica, Wrangler and Grand Cherokee). Coming at the end of the year is, well, something. He did not give any hints about body shape, performance or anything.

These revelations will also appear in Dodge’s 24 Months of Muscle event calendar. You can view the currently public content, such as the jailbreak hellcat and the upcoming chief doughnut maker, but most of the slots on the site have been closed. Most doors are flat, but some doors have some interesting symbols: two hands in the air; tires swinging; a bottle of moon oil; a ghost; a pot with an exhaust pipe joint (maybe honey Or chili); a spray can with skulls and crossbones; a crown; and road kill. We are not sure what any of them mean, so please feel free to share your theory below and stay tuned for these future Dodge reveals.

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