Daimler will produce axial flux motors in Berlin


BERLIN-The automaker said on Thursday that Daimler will produce the first internal electric motor at its oldest plant in Berlin, which comforts workers who are worried about the imminent layoffs at the diesel engine production base.

The German company said that after Daimler stated in September 2020 that its Berlin plant would stop producing six-cylinder diesel engines within a year, workers worried about their positions would also receive retraining in software and coding.

Daimler stated that the investment in the 120-year-old Marienfeld plant in Berlin, which was previously fixed at two million euros, will increase to a low of three million euros in the next six years.

Tim Woolmer, the founder of YASA, stated that the motor is called an axial flux motor, designed by the British start-up company YASA acquired by Daimler earlier this year, and weighs only a small amount of diesel. In part, it can increase the cruising range of electric vehicles by 7%. Reuters In July.

Woolmer said at the time that Daimler had notified YASA to reduce costs in its future iterations of electric motors so that automakers could use them in their entire range of electric vehicles.

Production director Joerg Burzer said at a press conference that the production of electric motors is simpler than diesel engines, which means that the plant will eventually require fewer workers-but the exact number of future layoffs is not yet known. No start date for motor production was provided.

Burzer said that the digital training park that Daimler developed in cooperation with Siemens in March and will be put into use in 2022 will also create new job opportunities.

According to the existing union agreement, the positions of approximately 2,300 employees in the factory will be guaranteed until the beginning of 2030.

“A year ago, we didn’t know what would happen to the factory. Today, we are striding forward to a promising transformation,” said Michael Rahmel, chairman of the Berlin-Marienfeld factory committee, in a report. statement.

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