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ColourPop Charleston Gloss Dust Bulk Highlighter Review and Swatches



ColourPop Charleston Gloss Loose Powder Highlighter (US$7.00 for 0.106 ounces) is a darker rose-colored copper color with a mild, warm undertone, sparkling with tiny spots on a bright luster. The loose format makes it difficult to determine the exact coverage because it is very fine and airy, but it seems to have more translucent coverage, which can be cut off if needed, but it does not require much product to get higher coverage.

I find that it likes to stick to wherever it is initially placed, and only spreads gently along the edges (rather than spreading out), it is best to really screw the product into the brush before applying it to produce a more even application. The effect is luminous, a bit shimmering, but does not emphasize the natural texture of my skin. It took eight hours to wear it before it faded a bit.

Further reading: Formula overview of detailed information about general performance and characteristics (such as odor).

  • Urban Decay PSA (LE, $26.00) is more shiny (95% similar).
  • Cover FX Golden Peach (LE, $34.00) is darker and cooler (90% similar).
  • Tarte NYE (LE, $28.00) is more shiny and darker (90% similar).
  • Fenty Beauty Ginger Binge (Picture in Picture, $36.00) is less shiny, darker, and cooler (90% similar).
  • MAC Superb ($37.00) is darker and cooler (90% similar).
  • Anastasia Taffy (LE,) is even cooler (90% similar).
  • MAC Overt Trickery (LE, $37.00) is less shiny and cooler (90% similar).
  • Fenty Beauty Fenty Glow (LE, $38.00) is more shiny and lighter (90% similar).
  • ColourPop Total Package (P, $8.00) is brighter and warmer (90% similar).
  • Sydney Grace Morning Glory ($9.00) is more shiny, lighter, and cooler (90% similar).

Formula overview

7.00 US dollars / 0.106 ounces. —— $66.04/oz

The formula should be a “finely milled soft powder” that “packs a dazzling fist” in which “a little bit goes a long way.” These can be very shiny and metallic on the skin, and the coverage seems to be all in the app. When I apply them on my cheekbones with a tapered highlighter, they actually seem to show more color than when I use a smaller brush (for eyes) on my forearm. The powder is finely milled, with some base colors and a lot of shimmer/pearls. I found that the best way to apply these products is to pick up the product on the brush and spin my brush inside the cap, which helps to spread the powder more evenly on my brush. This results in a more even application on my cheeks and requires less polishing and blending than skipping the spinning step. They lasted on me for about eight hours.

Browse all our ColourPop Lustre Dust Loose Highlighter swatches.

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