California approves $1.4 billion for electric car chargers and hydrogen fuel


The California Energy Commission (CEC) has approved a three-year, $1.4 billion plan to help California meet its electric vehicle charging and hydrogenation goals.

CEC stated that the plan was approved on Monday and will support Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order to phase out sales of new gasoline-powered passenger cars by 2035.

CEC said that the 2021-2023 investment plan update will increase the budget of the Clean Transportation Program by six times, including $1.1 billion in the state budget for 2021-2022 and the remaining $238 million in planned funding.

“These dollars make up for the infrastructure funding gap in 2025, so for those exploring cleaner transportation options, access to charging and hydrogen fuel will not be an obstacle,” said Patty Monahan, Chief Commissioner of the Ministry of Transportation. Said in a statement.

CEC stated that the focus of the plan is the construction of zero-emission vehicle infrastructure, and nearly 80% of the available funds are used for charging stations or hydrogen refueling.

The plan includes US$314 million for light-duty electric vehicle charging infrastructure, US$690 million for medium and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicle infrastructure (battery electric and hydrogen), and US$244 million for zero-emission vehicle manufacturing.

CEC stated that on November 19, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) will consider a $1.5 billion supplementary proposal for clean transportation incentives, including consumer vehicle rebates and investments in heavy and off-road equipment.

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