Buick showcases wild GL8 minivan concept and Smart Pod concept in China


Buick is very popular in China and decided to launch several concept cars at the Guangzhou Auto Show. One is the GL8 flagship concept, and the other is the Smart Pod concept.

Since real minivans are much more interesting than any “Smart Pod”, we will start with the GL8 flagship concept. The exterior aims to create a luxurious and “dynamic” look through its mixed colors, glass canopy, wing-shaped headlights and highly sculpted body. There is almost no non-declaration on the car, and when you open the door, the bright spot continues.

Obviously, this minivan is not for family use because it has only four seats. In other words, everyone in these four seats is guaranteed to be comfortable. Buick said it uses “zero-gravity” leisure seats inside, and the entire cabin is inspired by the Chinese landscape. This can explain the multi-colored floor, because the blue part may appear to be the water at the foot of the mountain and the surrounding beach.

Features include a tea tray, 30-inch driver display, touch screen on the steering wheel, full windshield width head-up display, and a new audio system with speakers in the headrest. Buick said that all functions of the car can also be controlled by voice. In addition to the obvious futuristic style, this Buick minivan is very gorgeous. Its combination of gold, blue, and cream, as well as the various materials throughout, look super luxury. We would love to see this attention to detail and luxury permeate some of Buick’s production cars.

Smart Pod concept

Unlike GL8, Smart Pod is designed in the United States, it uses the electric Ultium platform and Buick’s so-called VIP electric architecture. The exterior design is basically what Buick said-a pod. Its lights use micro LED technology to make it as stylish as possible.

Inside, Buick designed the Pod to be as spacious and airy as possible. It has a glass roof, a fully inclined dedicated sleeping seat and a modular seat layout. Other features include an expandable table, noise reduction technology, air purification system and a 50-inch LED screen. It is supported by an artificial intelligence assistant that uses voice commands, eye tracking technology, integration with mobile devices, and machine learning to adapt to users. Buick said that if you want, you can use it as a remote office.

However, we are still far from a fully autonomous Pod, so we continue to put it in the category of things to worry about in the “future”.

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