Biden signs a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law


Joe Biden signed his flagship $1.2 trillion cross-party infrastructure bill, and when his approval rating hit a record low, the president of the United States won a major legislative victory.

At an event at the White House on Monday, Biden stated that the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act will “make Americans’ lives better.”

The signing ceremony took place a few days after the bill was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill includes approximately $550 billion in new spending on roads, bridges and tunnels, as well as airports, broadband and other infrastructure improvements.

“For a long time, we have been talking about having the best economy in the world. We have discussed using the best and safest roads, railways, ports, and airports to maintain America’s leading position in the world,” Biden signed In a previous speech, it was stated that his predecessor Donald Trump repeatedly promised “Infrastructure Week” but failed to promote large-scale infrastructure investment.

“But today, we are finally done. My message to the American people is: America will act again. Your life will get better,” he added.

On both sides of the president are the designers of the compromise legislation-Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Ohio Republican Rob Portman-as well as Vice President Kamala Harris and Democratic Congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Cha Kschumer signs the law.

Nineteen Republican senators and 13 Republican House of Representatives supported this legislation, a rare demonstration of bipartisan cooperation in the deeply divided Washington.

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“I ran for president because the only way to move our country forward is through compromise and consensus,” said Biden, who was a longtime senator before serving as Vice President Barack Obama. “This is how our system works. This is American democracy. I am signing a really important law because we make democracy work for the people.”

Biden will travel to several key swing states on Tuesday to sell infrastructure bills to the American public, with one eye on next year’s midterm elections, when control of the two houses of Congress will be contested. The statewide election performance in Virginia and New Jersey earlier this month was disappointing, and Democrats were increasingly worried about their election opportunities.

At the same time, as more and more Americans express dissatisfaction with rising consumer prices and the lingering Covid-19 pandemic, Biden’s national approval ratings continue to decline. A poll published by the Washington Post and ABC News over the weekend showed that only 41% of American adults support Biden as president. A smaller percentage-39%-said they agree with the president’s handling of the economy.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, lawmakers from Biden’s party will continue to debate the president’s second and larger flagship proposal this week: a $175 million “rebuild better” bill. The bill will fully invest in early childhood education, public health care and measures. Responding to climate change. The plan was opposed by Republicans, but was shelved due to months of disagreement between the progressive and moderate within the Democratic Party.

Before the Congressional Budget Office conducted an independent cost assessment, a handful of moderate Democrats in the House of Representatives refused to support the bill. The Congressional Budget Office said on Monday that it expects to release its estimates before the end of the work week.

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