Best Buy’s 25 Best Early Black Friday Sale (2021, update)


Lots of shipping time This year has been postponed due to supply chain issues and labor shortages. It’s better to start shopping now for the people on your holiday list instead of waiting for the last minute. Best Buy has started the holiday promotion in advance, and the price of Black Friday is guaranteed-if the price drops before Black Friday, Best Buy will refund the difference, but there are some precautions (explained below). Here are some of our favorite discounted products so far.

Update on November 16th: We have added more offers in each section below, including Keurig, OnePlus 8T, Surface Laptop Go, etc. We also deleted transactions that are no longer valid, such as Moto G and Roomba.

Wired’s early Black Friday coverage

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Best Buy Black Friday Price Guarantee

There are a few things you need to know about Best Buy’s holiday promotions. First, you need a My Best Buy membership (free of charge).If the price of the product you buy falls forward On November 26 (Black Friday), then you will refund the difference on December 15. Black Friday price guarantee qualified.That is, if you see Lowest price this season In terms of products, this is its price before January 8, 2022.

This does not mean that prices on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday will not fall further, but Best Buy said that stocks are limited. our suggestion? Try to check the selling price of the product you want at other retailers to make sure that Best Buy’s price is actually a deal. We have more Black Friday tips here.

Best Buy also has an extended return window for any purchases you made between October 18 and January 2, 2022.You must return the product before January 16, so if the product Do If it falls further on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, it is worth buying and returning the one you got at a higher price. There are some exceptions to this return policy, such as holiday products (decorations, artificial trees) and items purchased through third-party contracts, such as mobile phones with cellular network plans.

Home sale

Google Nest Mini

Photo: Google

We like the second-generation Nest Mini, and it is often discounted. Its audio is better than the previous version, and will not take up too much space in your home. This is one of the most affordable ways to enter the smart home. You can ask the Google Assistant for anything you search on Google and let it control your smart lights, sweeping robots, smart air conditioners and other devices.

Even in the special price, the price is very harsh, but we really like to use Tempo Studio (8/10, WIRED recommended). This version includes an accessory kit with a wireless heart rate monitor, a recovery roller, two additional collars, and a 25-pound stainless steel and chrome-plated barbell. If you only need the basics, you can get a discount for $1,995 directly from the Tempo website. You need to pay an extra $39 per month to subscribe, but if you pay more for a monthly gym membership and are not satisfied with it, you might like it more, and over time, it can even save you money.

Sonicare Philips One

Photo: Philips

This is one of our favorite electric toothbrushes. It is not the most powerful, but it is thin and light, and it only provides slight vibration to help you clean. This is a rechargeable version, but the AAA battery-powered version is also sold for $15 ($10 off).

Not everyone is a fan of Keurig, and if you are a very avid coffee drinker, then upgrading to something else is worth it. However, sometimes you only need a quick cup, which is what Keurig is for. This one is super compact, so it doesn’t take up too much space on the counter, and its design is very beautiful, from Jonathan Adler. It is often discounted, but $50 is the lowest price we have seen.

Arlo Pro 4 is our favorite outdoor camera (you can also use it indoors!). The bundle comes with three cameras, four rechargeable batteries, a charging station, “anti-theft” bracket and a yard sign. It has a wide field of view of 160 degrees and can record up to 2K resolution through HDR. However, as we pointed out in the comments, you need an Arlo Secure plan ($3 per month for a camera) to take full advantage of the features of this camera.

Lenovo Smart Clock

Photo: Lenovo

We like this smart display for bedside tables because it is compact and will not be unusable. Its 4-inch screen may be too small to watch movies comfortably, but it is a great small digital photo frame and a great way to check weather updates, alerts, and Google Assistant search query results. There is also a USB port, so you can plug your phone directly into it for charging. If you don’t need a touch screen monitor but want smart features, buy Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential for $30 ($20 off). It even has a night light on the back.

Aura made our favorite photo frame. They are expensive, and this deal is not the best we have seen. Nonetheless, they are easy to use, and the photos look almost analog. It is a great gift.

Streaming media transactions

Roku streaming stick 4K

Photo: Best Buy

We like all Roku devices, especially Streaming Sticks, which is one of the latest versions. It doesn’t provide hands-free voice or programmable shortcuts on the remote like the new 4K Plus version, but it still has a microphone button you can use.

If you are a fan of Amazon Prime Video products, you may prefer this streaming media device, which is mainly for all Amazon content. This is the brand’s latest 4K device, we haven’t tried it yet, but we like the old version, it hasn’t changed much.

Need a new TV? This one has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, so you can let them search for shows or answer any other questions you may have. Even with smart features, we believe that most TVs need a dedicated streaming stick like the one above. We have collected more TV deals here.

The price of this TV is usually a bit lower than the $1,200 listed by Best Buy, but this is still a good discount. We are big fans of the Sony A90J. Unfortunately, this product is not yet on sale, but this product is usually much cheaper-X90J is an LED TV, and A90J is an OLED TV. Nonetheless, you don’t need to spend nearly $3,000 to get a good-looking TV. Larger sizes are also discounted.

Headphone sale

Jabra Elite 85T

Photography: Jabra

These earplugs (9/10, wired recommended) are expensive, but they have excellent sound quality and noise reduction. The best part of Jabra headphones is that they are rugged, come with a two-year waterproof warranty, and have physical buttons for controlling music playback. Jabra has also done a good job of supporting older devices with new features and updates.

These cute little Buds2 (9/10, wired recommended) are comfortable to wear, and the dual-drive system sounds great. Their waterproof rating is IPX2, so you can use them for exercise. In addition, they come in lavender or olive colors (in addition to the standard black and white)!

Galaxy Buds Pro (9/10, wired recommendation) is suitable for all situations and is better than Apple’s AirPods in almost all aspects: they sound better, are more comfortable, and have longer battery life. Cable’s deputy review editor Park Hall said that he can listen to music from Zoom meetings to running, and these earplugs perform well every time. They are now $20 less than when the deal started.

These are $15 higher than their prices when they started selling last week. We haven’t tested them yet, but we usually like this brand. These JBL Tour One headphones are also sold for $250 ($50 off). Read our guide to the best wireless headsets for more options.

Storage discounts (hard drives and SSDs)

Samsung T7 500 GB Portable Solid State Drive

Photo: Samsung

This is one of our favorite portable drives because of its speed. Thanks to its metal body, it is both light and strong, so you can take it anywhere without worrying about it being damaged. Last week, it was $5 less, but if you buy a fast solid state drive in the market, this is still a good deal.

We haven’t tried this particular Samsung internal SSD, but the brand is known for making some of the best products, and this one has also received good reviews elsewhere. If you need your computer to run faster, this should help. If you need more gigabytes, other sizes will also be discounted.

This Easystore drive is basically the same as the Elements drive recommended in our guide, but it does not have a power button. They are suitable for backup and storage, but WIRED senior writer Scott Gilbertson does not recommend using them for editing videos or any other things where speed is critical. Be aware that although it sometimes jumps to $110, it is usually around $60. If you need more storage space, the 18 TB hard drive can be discounted to US$340 (US$80 off).

Phone and tablet discounts

OnePlus 8T

Photo: OnePlus

This is the 2020 iPad Pro model with 256 GB of storage. You can buy the 2021 iPad Pro for an extra $100, but the starting capacity of that iPad Pro is 128 GB.You are not missing and also Most are from newer models, so if you need extra space, this is still a good deal. If you need more storage space, the discounted price of the 512 GB 4th generation iPad Pro is US$1,100 (US$200 off), and the discounted price of the 1 TB version is US$1,300 (US$200 off).

We really like using this phone, even if OnePlus increases the once super affordable price, it is still a good deal. The 8T has a good four-camera system and a full-day battery. If you desperately need a phone, you may be satisfied with it, but we saw more phones on sale last week and hope they will come back.

Laptop and monitor discounts

Acer Chromebook Spin 713.

Photo: Acer

You can find this Acer Chromebook in our best Chromebook guide. It has one of the best screens on a Chromebook at this price, and the Intel Core i5 chip provides ample power for it. It is also a 2-in-1 device, so you can rotate the screen all the way back and use it as a tablet. The best part? It has excellent battery life.

Want to spend less money?We haven’t tested Spin 514, but we Have Try to use AMD Ryzen 3 processor machine, so we can safely say that this Chromebook is sufficient for school-level tasks. You will also get a 1080p screen and a MicroSD card slot.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Photo: Microsoft

This is usually the cost of the 64 GB version, so you can get twice as much storage space at the same price. We prefer other Surfaces, but Go is very suitable, as you guessed from the name, to carry it with you because it is light and small. But the screen resolution is where you will notice the budget-the text may look a bit pixelated.

We prefer the newer Flex 5i, but if you want to save some money, Flex 5i is still reliable. You can use it as a tablet or laptop as you like. It is powered by the Intel Pentium 7505 processor, and you should get about 10 hours of battery life.

If you need a monitor to improve your gaming settings (or work at home settings), then this is a very cost-effective deal on a monitor of this size. It also supports HDR, which we usually don’t see at this price point.

Wired’s early Black Friday coverage

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