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What factors affect the success of mobile games? There are many factors that a successful mobile game deserves to be considered in the early stages of game creation. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Problems in the early stages of game creation

Game developers need to pay great attention to finding a suitable game platform from the initial stage of a game development project. It helps to avoid the introduction of various problems in the form of education and project risks.Our mobile game development guide

Conduct market research

To create and publish active mobile games, detailed research is urgently needed. Today’s app store is full of games for every taste. It is likely that similar games will be found. Therefore, game developers must conduct in-depth searches and find ways to make their products original.

Decide on the game platform

The gaming platform must be considered. There are a variety of platforms to choose from, and each platform has its advantages and disadvantages, but the choice depends on several factors: the target user of the game, graphics and technical requirements, game speed, and available resources.

Consider game marketing issues

Marketing strategies can help companies promote mobile games to potential users. Temporarily created games can be demanded before the game is released and remain popular after entering the market.

Only focusing on developing a huge product does not guarantee its success in the market. There are some wonderful examples of unsuccessful video game releases because of no marketing campaigns or late marketing campaigns. Game development teams should use game player blogs and social media to formulate and initiate marketing strategies early in the development phase at any stage of mobile game development, so as to strive for the success of their games in the future.

Conduct a professional review

Mobile game developers usually pay attention to their feelings and experiences. It does not provide an opportunity to learn more about how to meet player needs.Game development steps

For this, professional recommendations from successful mobile game developers should be used.Professional reviews can help

Quickly fix the game and save time to find problems.

Planned investment

Cost and cost are important factors to consider before releasing a game. Premature activation or aggressive monetization can also prevent users from playing games. Therefore, the mobile game development team should consider the strategy of monetizing the game in the development stage so that it is attractive to users and willing to pay for it.

Long times

User-centric construction of mobile games is the key to the successful development of mobile games. In order to obtain the frequency of user feedback, game developers break down the mobile game during the project development phase into small repetitions.

Game developers ask users for their opinions on the new version of the game. This allows him to better adjust his products according to the needs of players, and improve them by adding data, such as adding new characters and various levels of elements to make the game more attractive.

Complete UX/UI design

Players appreciate the intuitive and immersive UX/UI design. The visualization and user-friendly atmosphere of the audio presentation are factors that determine the user’s evaluation strategy. Game developers must carefully consider and design game controls and navigation. It should not be too overwhelming or too complicated. The golden rule of game design is less is more. Before adding new features or buttons, game creators should consider whether this is necessary and what data they can delete to simplify the game.

Faded graphics

Graphics are the first things users see when downloading mobile games. If it looks subtle or they don’t like it, they will leave the game. Therefore, you should pay attention to the quality of the graphics, the color palette, not the screen resolution.

In game development projects, it is important to invest time and money in their addictive game graphics. To this end, game creators can use palette generators or use 3D game art resources.

Music and sound effects

Sound is another game element that users encounter in the first few minutes of the game. The music and sound effects must be comparable to the designed game.

Music helps to create the atmosphere of the game, and game developers should not ignore the music part of the game because they can use free sound effects downloaded from free websites. Therefore, you can also record some unique music effects in the studio.

If you try not to ignore all of the above, you will most likely create a successful video game and bring the greatest satisfaction to its owner.

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