2023 Mazda CX-50 unveiled as an outdoor compact SUV, and a hybrid car will be launched soon


Mazda announced that it will launch a brand new SUV lineup in the next few years, the first of which is finally unveiled. The 2023 Mazda CX-50 will fill a slot above the CX-30, and its dimensions are similar to the CX-5. It will have many interesting features, including the upcoming hybrid system.

The design looks more like a more rugged version of the CX-5. It has wider fenders and more detailed plastic flares. The grille has a bolder frame and can be bright black. The hood even has sporty matte black decals. Mazda also pointed out that the rear door has a particularly wide opening to make it easier to step on the door sill to enter the roof rack. The interior is reminiscent of other Mazdas, with its smallest instrument panel, large hidden vents and accent instrument panel. But it gets some contact, such as the vertical vents around the instrument, which makes it unique and more square. It also has a new interior color called terracotta.

Mazda CX-50 interior

Mazda has been silent on many details about the CX-50, but it will first have a few familiar engines. The basic engine will be a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, with a turbocharged version as an option. It is estimated that the power of the basic engine is about 185 to 190 horsepower, and the power of the turbocharged model is 250 horsepower. Both are paired with Mazda’s six-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive will become the standard configuration of all models, because the goal of this model is to be more suitable for outdoor and off-road than other Mazda. If Mazda is looking for a more “active lifestyle” vehicle that sounds strange, then it shouldn’t. In addition to the increasing number of off-road options on sale, we learned from the press materials of rival automakers that the CX-5 is actually one of the more popular vehicles for camping and off-road excursions. Although for such buyers, its popularity cannot match that of Subaru Forester or Jeep Cherokee, it is more popular than ordinary compact SUVs. Presumably, the CX-50 is designed to follow this trend, because people would think that Mazda is looking at similar market data.

A variety of driving modes will also be provided, not just normal and sporty. New features are towing mode and off-road mode. According to Mazda engineer Dave Coleman, there is only one off-road mode that makes things easy. It made some interesting changes, such as making the G-Vectoring system more aggressive, which reduces torque when cornering to transfer weight to the front wheels for greater grip.​​​​ It also participates more fully in all-wheel drive to help keep the wheels turning at the same speed to maintain stability. On hillsides, the ramp remains functional, the idle speed increases to smoothly transition to the throttle, and the torque converter does not lock as quickly as possible to help the car pass objects easily.

There are many other interesting tidbits. The CX-50 will be the first Mazda equipped with a panoramic sunroof and the first model to be produced at the new joint factory of Mazda and Toyota in Alabama. It will go on sale next spring, and pricing may be announced near the launch.

Update (12:52 PM on November 15, 2021): Additional details and images have been added.

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