2022 Jeep Renegade gets height adjustment and a series of small changes


Jeep polished the 2022 Renegade. As we have seen in other brands in the US division of Stellattis, there seems to be some rationalization plans for next year; we were told that only Sport, Latitude, Limited and Trailhawk decorations will celebrate the New Year. This is half the number of trims on the Renegade Configurator at the time of writing, eliminating Freedom, Jeepster, 80th Anniversary, and Islander.

In addition, there are some powertrain switchers. Next year, only Sport will provide front-wheel drive, and the other three are only four-wheel drive. This means that in 2022, Sport will get front-wheel drive trim, while Latitude will lose its current front-wheel drive trim. We don’t know the pricing yet, but the starting price of the Sport next year may be $1,500 lower than the current price, and the basic Latitude may be at least $1,500 more expensive than in 2021.

Sport and Latitude will receive the 8.4-inch touch screen and navigation standard of the automaker. On the 2021 Renegade, Sport cannot choose a larger screen, sticks to the 7-inch screen, and needs to replace the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with a 1.3-liter engine on the Sport and add a luxury group of $3,090. The limited edition will also undergo adjustments next year, including a new grille, new fog lights and mirror caps, a revised rear curtain and standard 18-inch wheels instead of the current 17-inch wheels.

The smallest model in the brand’s lineup uses the new Altitude decoration, which is made possible by bright black grille rings, badges, daytime running lights and turn signal bezels, glossy rearview mirrors with integrated turn signals, and rear fascias. The attitude of the traitor darkened. Four 18-inch bright black wheels complete the exterior modification. Inside, luxurious cloth or leather upholstered seats have ski-gray accent stitching, with more glossy black accents and a black canopy.

Finally, the external palette was reduced from 11 colors to 7 colors. Alpine White, Bikini, Black, Colorado Red, Graphite Grey, Slate Blue, and Spiny Grey still exist. Granite Crystal Metallic, Jetset Blue, Omaha Orange and Glacier called it a game and went to the shower.

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