16 Black Friday Outdoor Sale (2021): REI, Moosejaw, Backcountry


Many of us The most popular outdoor retailer found itself in trouble on Black Friday.No activity is less Outdoor activities are better than buying gear from a cruise retail website, but you still need a raincoat, a good layering system, and running gear to get through the winter. If you prefer to hike with visiting friends and family on a sunny Black Friday — or just plan and plan all the fun things you do in 2022 — these retailers can meet your needs.

REI’s Get Up Get Out promotion will last until November 22, and members can also use the code to enjoy a 20% discount on specific products GEARUP2021. Moosejaw’s anniversary promotion will also continue until November 22. If you need to buy a large item, Backcountry currently offers a 20% discount on an item that joins its loyalty program.

Wired’s early Black Friday coverage

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Wearables and electronics trading

GoPro Hero10 black.

Photography: GoPro

The GoPro camera is a great way to record all the adventures worth trying-it is still the best sports camera. The new processor in Hero10 speeds up shooting, gets a higher resolution from the 23.6 megapixel sensor, and adds better image stability. Our full review has more details.

If you are skiing or snowboarding in a remote area and want to make sure that people can find you when you get lost, you may need inReach Mini. This pocket-sized satellite messenger uses the ultra-fast, low-flying Iridium satellite network instead of the sometimes slow or incomplete GPS or Glonass satellite network. It remains the top choice in our guide to the best satellite messengers.

REI now has a lot of Garmins for sale, which is great because Garmin makes some of the most reliable and durable fitness trackers. This is the field watch I wore when I was off-grid camping, because it made the right compromise-it gave up a large, illuminated screen for better battery life and tracking.

Before I test the Coros Pace 2 (8/10, wired recommendation), I would say that Garmin’s Forerunner series is the best running watch. They are still great, and you can find Forerunners at almost any price point. Mid-end 245 includes all industry standard performance tracking indicators, as well as event detection and other functions, in case you use it for a long time, uh, you cannot recover from a fall.

Our last Garmin choice is Venu Sq, which appears in both our guide to the best fitness trackers and our list of the best smart watches. It combines Garmin’s accuracy and performance indicators, Fitbit’s economy, and Apple’s… aesthetics? Not exactly, but for an entry-level tracker, this is a good price.

If you make progress on your fitness journey, you may need to do some strength training. If you still avoid public gyms, Tempo Studio (8/10, recommended by WIRED) is a convenient and safe way, and it is more accessible at this price point.

Footwear and clothing sale

REI Co-op Magma 850 down hoodie.

Photo: REI

REI’s internal equipment and clothing series are very affordable for the specifications it provides. A waterproof, foldable down jacket like Magma (women’s) is one of the most versatile camping and travel clothing you can have. It is also a good layer under the waterproof shell, suitable for more intense outdoor activities. There is also a lighter version ($70) (here is the female version).

If you are buying early sock fillers, everyone can use another pair of lined gloves. They can be used alone for running or hiking, or use insulated waterproof gloves in cold weather. They are also sold in Backcountry.

One of the biggest obstacles to enjoying snow sports is not having suitable clothing. A good bib prevents snow from entering your underwear, which has synthetic insulation, thigh vents to release heat, and boot leggings to keep your ankles warm and dry.

This is a sturdy hammock for two people, small in size, and can accommodate two people. We recommend it in our stress relief gift guide. It is also available on Amazon and Backcountry.

Moosejaw offers a 20% discount on any full-priced product with a code cheers Until November 22. My colleague Parker Hall and I are both fans of Altras because of their zero-drop (no difference in height between heel and toe) design, comfortable wide toe and large lugs on the sole. There is also a female version.

Snow, camping and bike discounts

Single stove bonfire pit.

Photo: REI

Unlike cheap fire pits that allow embers and smoke to fill your patio, Solo Stove’s attractive fire pit produces a nearly smokeless, hotter, more efficient fire that is easier to clean. We haven’t tried this exact model, but you can read our Solo Stove Yukon review for more details.

Backcountry offers a 20% discount on any item that joins the loyalty program, which is a great way to get Benjamin to buy one or two large items. Unlike many snowboards that were mass-produced in many different factories before the company applied its own brand, Capita was handmade in their own factory, Mothership, which uses 100% clean energy. This is a versatile ski, but please make sure to choose the right size for your height.

The Kingdom tent of REI is the best family tent ever tried by WIRED senior writer Scott Gilbertson and I. They are reasonably priced, have vertical walls and sufficient head height, and are modular and versatile like a Swiss army knife.

There are many, many other water bottles, but we always have a soft spot for the classic, dishwasher safe, preferably sticker Nalgene.

Use code cheers Until November 22, discounts can be viewed at checkout. If you can carry a work computer and a week’s groceries at the same time, the bicycle is only suitable for daily commuters. I own Ortlieb luggage racks, and author Stephanie Pearson recommends them in her guide to the best bicycle packing equipment.

Black Friday early sales page

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